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Cakeswagg from Roxbury , is a Boston Native and Lyricist most known for her spectacular flows and weekly freestyles. Cakeswagg has been rapping for almost a decade , she drops a freestyle every Tuesday called "talk that talk Tuesday" where she spits over a wide variety of instrumentals. she encourages new listeners and supporters to send her recommendations of their favorite songs that they'd like to hear her rap over. Most recently Cakeswagg dropped her project "Cakeology Vol. 1" . You can find "Cakeology Vol. 1" on all streaming platforms. Cakeswagg has 3 music videos out from her first project and is currently working on her 4th. Cakeswagg has new summer music dropping soon and is currently in the production phase of her second album "Cakeology Vol. 2"  you can follow her on all social media platforms " @cakeswagg " (with 2 g's) as well as on all streaming platforms.